About Lisa Rose

As a young thespian in school, I had to do my own character makeup. But that lifestyle faded away as I embarked on a 15-year career as a middle school educator. Prior to teaching young boys and girls, I have always been fascinated with how pop culture contributes to the youth’s self-perception and self-esteem.

Becoming a mother helped me rekindle my love for makeup.  I turned to YouTube to find videos on cat makeup for my son’s first Halloween. I found an entire community of women and men sharing makeup tips, techniques and tutorials!  This energy motivated me to challenge myself to recreate theatrical looks as I once did during my thespian years.

The realization soon set in: I didn’t know much about everyday makeup. I thought to myself, at 30 something, if I didn’t know, then I knew there had to have been many more women at this age and stage of life who also did not now know much about makeup either. Then I thought, what a great way to alleviate beginner apprehension with women in my age range!  I became fascinated with how the right color combinations can really enhance your look, which in turn can enhance how you feel about yourself and can motivate a desire to increase that feeling.

Becoming a makeup artist fell in line with my charge to improve positive self-perceptions in women and young girls. I wanted to make a hefty contribution to this community in hopes to build women’s self-esteem. 

I started my YouTube channel as “Themakeupbaby13” in October of 2011. In starting my channel, researching products and techniques allowed me to learn on my own. I am a self-taught freelance makeup artist, a student of life experiences.  I began practicing in June of 2012. “Themakeupbaby13” then turned into TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC in February of 2013.  It is absolutely amazing at the amount of knowledge, practice, and skill I have acquired in such a short period of time! I specialize in makeup for weddings, special occasions, such as galas, proms, birthdays, videos,  live performances, film, and television.

Sometimes, we have a hard time recognizing our beautiful inner selves so, we need a nudge in the makeover department; that is where makeup, mentoring and I meet. Embrace what God has given. Encourage what has been hidden. And always remember, "Inner beauty is your TRUE foundation!"

Peace, love, and blessings.
Lisa S. Singleton