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Why Makeup Classes are Important for Aspiring Makeup Artists

L earning and teaching yourself to become a makeup artist is absolutely acceptable.  As you evolve into a working makeup artist, you will discover techniques, artistry and business preferences from trial and error. Every makeup artist learns from self-discovery at one point or another - many points along the way to be honest. However, there is MUCH to be said about taking classes from experienced, working makeup artists whose careers are rooted in EVERYTHING involving makeup and beauty. From the biology of skin, face shapes,  to the chemistry of ingredients, mixology, color theory, styling, and application techniques for editorial, bridal, television and film.  Classes or tutelage under a master artist is quintessential to not only the art of makeup but the business of makeup artistry as well. Throughout my journey, I have learned 3 key tips on finding makeup classes suitable for any aspiring makeup artist, at any skill level.

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