Product Review: Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Matte Palette

First Impressions

I really enjoy the use of a good makeup palette; one that contains an array of color choices, but is not completely overwhelming.  Coastal Scents (CS) recently sent out an email advertising a sale price for this palette, which brings me to my next point.  A good makeup palette, of great quality and at an excellent price point is even more alluring.  You don't really get a feel for quality until you purchase it,  so getting a palette at an excellent price is worthwhile.  If the quality sucks, there are ways to make the product work for you, or if you don't mind the notion that buying beauty products before you can test them is a gamble and sometimes you will loose baby!! 

This is an oldie but goodie for CS. I Googled the product recently looking for reviews and some were dated back in 2010.  New to me, moving on.  What attracted me most was the blush combination.  I am building up my color choices for blush to work with, build my knowledge and application of the different colors, paring them with different eye looks, etc. I go the palette, inexpensive route before buying the more higher end blushes (NARS, MAC, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, etc).   That way I can familiarize myself with what shades look best on me, what shades or finishes are too chalking looking, etc.  Here are some pics of the palette and some swatches. 

 Overall Review

I enjoy the blushes way more than the actual shadows. But after working with the shadows, I have learned how to get the best result.  Be sure to use a good eye primer and base plus packing the color on the brush and packing it on the eye.  Applying them wet will also give you a great color payoff, but do not apply wet with white base because the base will lift.

The black shadow in the palette is GREAT! It's my new favorite black shadow.  I am still experimenting with color combos and with this palette in general.  IF you would like some tutorials with this palette, please leave me a comment below.


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