TMB Lifestyle - Your Value and Self-Worth Are Priceless!

The only person who can determine your value and worth is YOU! 

On two recent, separate accounts, I have been told that sometimes behaviors have to change in order to change beliefs and mindsets, which ultimately can change your values.  More often than not, we are conditioned to have an impact on someone's belief system first to effect a change in behavior.  I can't tell you which approach to use for different life circumstances - I don't have that kind of road map for you. But, when it comes to this thing called self-esteem, self-love, believing that you are both beautiful inside and out, may have to start with action.

Action steps require you to DO something for yourself that will make you feel beautiful, special, important and even sexy so you start to BELIEVE that you are beautiful, special, important and even sexy.  Styling your outfit just right, wearing your hair in a way that accentuates your features, applying your makeup so it enhances your features and speaking life into yourself, repeatedly are action driven steps that can put you on the path of empowerment and self-love!  There is no one on this earth exactly like you (Singing in my Alicia Keys voice..).  Think about those things that bother you or have you down on yourself. Ask yourself, why does this bother me so much? Is it true? Is it false? Am I misunderstood? Do I really know who I am? You have to reflect and look at how you can make changes in your life to help improve your inner beauty. You are unique! At this point, we won't worry about how others impact or are impacted by our thoughts and actions. We will get to that in another article.  For now, stay centered on how to improve or maintain your positive self-perception.  Reflect on being a better you, walking with confidence and building your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical strength.  Lean on your spiritual relationship and trust it.

This message, MY message is for women in various stages in their journey of self-discovery and celebration.   For the woman who didn't have enough people tell you they believe in you and your value, I 'm here to tell you that your job is to look for validation yourself - not from someone else.  You may not be used to encouraging yourself, but start. Now. To the woman who used to have a grip on who she is, but let some man or important person in her life tear her down, don't believe the hype! They DO NOT define you! They never have and they never will. You must always know that there is something in you - a greatness, that they, the nay-sayers - don't want you to see or fulfill.  The devil is busy.  Don't get caught up in the fog. Get back to you.  You will thank yourself later. For the women who simply do not like how they look.  Please read my words carefully, God DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES. Your inner beauty, your outer beauty, is destined for something great. It is your job to figure it out! If you don't fit into any of these categories, let me know so we can work it out.

Ladies, of any age, race and no matter where you are in your journey - your value and self-worth are priceless.  Anything that is invaluable is cultivated, cured and handled with care because it is indispensable, irreplaceable and vital. It is vital that we, as women, find the value in who we are when we are stripped down to our core.  Sart with actions that will inspire your inner beauty.  You are a beautiful woman who has much to offer this world. Find her, uplift her and embrace her. She is your most invaluable asset.  Priceless.