A Reflection of Gratitude - The Importance Of Staying Focused and Centered

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I have definitely been through some humbling, yet rewarding experiences while on this makeup journey.  I would be remised not to share with my audience a moment of thanks and gratitude for the lessons, experiences, and relationships I have gained as a result. Thus far, nothing beats being recognized and nominated for donating your talents, time and services to greater causes.   To know that someone is watching you, praying for you and putting your name out there so others can get a glimpse of what it is you do, is beyond humbling.  It is a blessing.  STORY TIME! Let me tell you how this entire thing unfolded.  When I tell you, that the saying, "What God has for you is for you!" ain't nothing but the truth!

Picture it, Hampton, VA 2016, several of my colleagues in this beauty industry were posting pictures and congratulatory statements on their timelines about being nominated for an ACHI Magazine Award. OK, cool. What the heck is ACHI, I thought to myself.  Never bothered to look them up.  2017 rolls around and some other colleagues and church members were being nominated for various awards, Makeup Artist of the Year, Hair Stylist of the Year, Woman of Inspiration of the Year... "Ok, how are these women being nominated? Where's my nomination?" I thought to myself. I have to confess, I even thought, for a moment, that my work was just as good, if not better than those nominated.  I've been doing this longer, why haven't I gotten a nomination?  I had to catch myself and remember to not compare myself with anyone else.  My journey is mine and their journey belongs to them.  So, I offered my sincerest congratulatory and made peace with where I was in my journey and being genuinely happy for the ladies being recognized for their talents and contributions on their journey.

Joselyn and I holding hands.
Let me tell you how God and the universe works.  I have a good girlfriend and client who is a singer, songwriter and has her own band - Joselyn Best (check her out!).  Joselyn, in memory of her mother, hosts an annual Stepping For the Cure fundraiser event for breast cancer awareness. She partners with Beyond Boobs and they recommend women who are breast cancer survivors to receive a makeover with hair, makeup, and outfits while the steppers are stepping to raise money for the charity.  My first year, I had the honor of working with women with amazing survival stories.  We connected on such a level that we became Facebook friends and just kept in touch.   Year two, one of the ladies had started her own company called Pink Slayer, where she offers a variety of naturally created skin care products for women going through chemotherapy. Mrs. Kristie Fields and I had not seen each other in a long time, almost year - even though we saw each other on The Book.  I purchased some of her products, which were amazing and I even put her in contact with a family member going through the same battle as we reconnected.  Come to find out, Mrs. Kriste had become President of the local chapter of ACHII, WSWA. Go figure, right! It was our connection and her witnessing first hand the love, hard work and just pure adoration that I have for every woman my brushes have the opportunity to touch.

Totally unsuspecting, but I received this red envelope in the mail.  The familiarity with the name and organization had me excited and intrigued.  With the same swiftness that I opened my Hampton University Admissions letter in Summer of 1995, I gently but eagerly opened this red envelope.  I was stunned, dumbfounded and floored.  I thought to myself - this is definitely my time.  I am glad I was able to change my question from a why not me, to a statement of affirmation - my time will come when it's ready.  The beauty of life is that we all have stories of failure and success, but it's how we interpret our success and failures.  It's how we learn from those experiences, appreciate them for the purpose they serve at that very moment in your life. That perspective alone allows you to see the path God has laid out for you. That perspective alone allows you to understand how the different pieces work together to prepare you for your next "position."

Gratitude is one of those things we sometimes take for granted or we don't always show gratitude for everything that occurs in our life.  I think that's just the human side in us where we get wrapped up in our day to day, we forget to just stop, be still and give thanks. Secondly, most of us are always questioning our own progress based on someone else's journey - and we have to stop.  That's a dangerous thought process because it stunts growth.  It could have the potential to motivate, but
under what pretense? Give thanks for your journey.  Appreciate where you are, reflect on your practices, resources, and goals frequently.  Once you can truly - without reservation, celebrate the progress of your journey, then your path will open wide for you to receive everything that you deserve, desire and need!

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