Cranberry Souffle

Wine and cranberry colors came in style three or four years ago as the new trend, but it has become a permanent color choice.  Just look at all the palettes that have been created around this color scheme. Warm tone hues with reddish-blue undertones honestly are very flattering on all skin tones. No matter if the look is a cut crease or a wash of a single color, perfectly blended, one cannot deny the seductive invitation of such a beautiful color across the eye.  Here is my version of a smokey cranberry eye with beautiful glowing skin and chocolate lip.  Don't forget to follow me on all my social media outlets! Enjoy!

👻 @themakeupbaby13

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Let's just get this product list out of the way, so I can just enjoy telling you all how I achieved this look!

💲Lancome Tient Idole in 460 SUE W
💲Milani Perfect and Conceal Foundation in 11concealer in 150 Natural Sand (Website lists as 11) and Hypnotic Lights Eye Topper in 01 Luster Light
💲Tarte Creaseless Concealer in Deep and Tarte Blush in Paaarty
💲Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in Cool Walnut
Kett Cosmetics Kett Set Powder (Loose)
💲Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
💲Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder NW 45
💲Sephora Matte Perfection Powder Foundation 58 Toffee Peach
Colourpop x Shayla Highlight Powder in Boomin
Coloured Raine eyeshadow in Royal Prerogative (Queen Of Hearts Palette)Recharge, Dusk (Berry Rust Palette)Pinkberry (Berry Cute Palette)
Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyeshadow in Sphere (Prism Palette)
💲NYX Liquid Suede in New Era
NYX Lipgloss in 24 Karat

For this look, I wanted warm tones with pink, bronze, and golden accents.  It is absolute fire to me and so easy for anyone to wear. I typically do not do over the top #Instaglam makeup because I love to appeal to the everyday woman who doesn't mind wearable pizzaz!

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1.  I started off with the base makeup. That is the foundation, highlight, contour/face sculpt and brows.  I mix my foundation for two reasons, color and finish.  The Lancome usually is my winter shade, but this winter, my shade is slightly darker than it has been in the past. The Milani helps with the color, but I feel that the coverage is a bit fuller than the Lancome.  So, when I blend the two, I get full coverage, but not heavy or cakey finish. I still want my skin to look like skin. 

2. Using the concealers, I highlight the high points of my face and brighten under the eye.  I blend out the chin, forehead, nose, then, under the eye. I use the Tarte as a corrector, let it sit, then place the Milani around it and blend together using a synthetic fluffy brush (pat) or a blending sponge (dab).

3.  I love the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation to add warmth and dimension to the skin.  I apply the stick directly to my face, right underneath my cheekbones, around the perimeter of my forehead,  and right at the top of both sides of the nose, closest to the eyebrows.  I blend all of this out with a blending sponge. Around the nose, I will use a brush and brush the nose contour into the head of the brows.

4. I then set the face with the powders. To set under the eye, use a fluffy synthetic brush with the Mercier and RCMA mix.  Set by pressing the powder into the skin. Begin at the nose and work your way up to the under eye. Using the blender to pick up the same mix to set the entire face.  The MAC NW 45 powder to set the contour (press with a blush brush).  I add a little bit more powder mix to catch fall out of the shadows  I am getting ready to apply.

5. EYES! The eyes have it, ladies and gentlemen! This concoction of cranberry crispness is jaw-dropping. It looked so good in person! I usually apply my eyeshadow in this order, every time - transition, crease, lid then deepen outer v of the eye, then more blending to smooth everything out.  Royal Prerogative is the transition color.  I then apply Recharge to deepen the crease and outer V shape.  Follow up with Dusk in the outer V - this is what gives the smokey situation. Depending on your vibe, you can really go hard with this color and have a super sultry smokey eye. Kind of the cut crease vibe, but not a carved out base is what you see on my lid using Pinkberry.  Under the eye is the kick it up a notch color called Sphere. It's a matte lime green shade and she is funky!  By all means, if you love a pretty lash, then apply them.  I decided not to wear them, as I often do not, because I don't wear them on an everyday basis.  The looks I create are more than an IG look, but some actual wearable, colorful and bold eye looks that can be worn to a variety of both formal and informal events. 

6. The lips are full and packed with pigment! New Era is a creamy deep brown shade that super rich.  Add that 24 Karat or any dark gold tone on top to make the middle of the lips pout and pucker.  Juicy! 

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