GRWM Underpainting Product List

Who is
All the pros are, that’s who! I know y'all, are not underpainting…
most of you ladies,  for real, don’t even wear makeup! What the heck is #underpainting,
anyway? It's the process of accentuating the facial features by adding contours, low lights,
and highlights to the face BEFORE applying the foundation. This technique ultimately will use less of
the one shade foundation product because the coverage will come from the deeper and lighter shades
added to the portions of the face to create your shape. No matter how much you
like your coverage, light, medium or full, it’s ALL GOOD because I got you! 
This look is medium to full coverage. I have NEVER applied my makeup in this way…
EVER. I honestly decided on the fly to try something new. I love, love, how it turned out. 
You have to check out my video to see how it all comes together.
Here is the list of products used to achieve this look. Enjoy Makeup Babes! 
YouTube: GRWM! Let's Underpaint!
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*ABH Contour Cream Kit in Medium, but here is Deep
Kett Cosmetics No Color Powder