Walking Into 2020 With Consistency...

I will not bore you with goal setting, resolutions, "New year, new you," type of talk. I WILL NOT! If you are like me and in your 40's, we already know how this thing goes! What I do want to talk about is consistency, something I struggle with periodt.  Honestly, I definitely can be putting forth a greater effort to be more intentional.  I wanted to be transparent about where I am in my journey and anyone else who can identify with me, this one is for you as well.  The TMB Lifestyle Blog is here so we can inspire each other! Take a moment to read my thoughts on the whys, hows, and some realistic actions to get started.  Join the conversation in the Facebook group, TMB Makeup, Beauty and Lifestyle so we can chop it up a bit!

First of all, why are many of us consistently inconsistent? Like, what are we doing? Life seems to be good, as the saying goes, "I can't complain!"   The kids are thriving, your marriage has it's normal ups and downs, work is work and we live for our next day off. We have our normal routines and schedules; we may even use our calendar apps to keep all of our events, major and minor, recorded to get reminders.  But, are we truly living the lifestyle that we want? Or are we simply complacent and content with mediocrity?  Running the same rat race every day... consistently. How can we get better every day when we only reflect periodically on building better habits? Why aren't we being more disciplined to become consistent with those behaviors that will push us into better versions of ourselves? We can consistently continue our bad habits, or we can be regimented and disciplined to consistently build new ones.  With this mindset, we don't need resolutions because you will, we will, consistently be setting and achieving goals. MIND BLOWN!

One would think that this is something we should already know, but more importantly, be doing - consistently.  Maybe we are, and maybe we aren't. What we all need are reminders: champions, supporters, and practitioners in our corners.  IT IS SO EASY TO FALL BACK INTO BAD HABITS AND ROUTINES! We have to be very purposeful in what we do,  how we do it, why we do it and for how long. Being consistent in everything you do to make you a better you,  IS worthwhile.  The struggle may be REAL-UH for some than others. That is OK.  We are all working to be better versions of ourselves - and nothing else!

So now that I have shared the whys of being consistent, here are the hows:

1. Consistently take a Personal Inventory of where you are, where you want to go, and did you get there? A huge part of my personal and business growth is rooted in reflection. I write and post about it ALL THE TIME.  But, it's the consistency part that makes this process effective. A personal inventory will establish your mindset for success: "I can and will make a concerted effort to increase consistency with my positive life activities!"  I am speaking generally because you have to apply this inventory to the aspects of your life and relationships in which you want to improve.  THE ROADBLOCKS: This step also requires you to be honest and truthful about who you are and how you behave.  For many of us, being honest with yourself is difficult because you don't want to admit that you have been behaving in a negative way.  Other times, we get our intentions jumbled up with results.  Our message was not received the way it was intended, and now we are a "bad friend." Or, that savvy business idea didn't yield any profits and we give up.  Don't let these kinds of roadblocks reinforce poor habits.  Use them to learn from and rework the plan.

2. Consistently Work on One Thing at a Time. When you have a 9 am - 5 pm, children, husband, pets, school, church, civic organizations, time to yourself and errands to run, there is no way in hell that you can add anything else to your plate! Pick one item from your personal inventory, because it will dictate how much you can handle, and start there. Build consistency with that one item.  Don't overwhelm yourself! You already have so much going for you. MOST IMPORTANTLY, build in periods of rest.  This is key.  We all need breaks, to regroup, reflect, rearrange or pat yourself on the back. Take those breaks, but strategically adding them in will help to soften the blow of fatigue. TRUST.

3. Measure your Consistency.  In order to measure, you have to know how often you expect yourself to be consistent.  Just like tracking your steps if you're a walker, track your consistency.  If being on time is an area that needs improvement, five days out of the week, then keep track.  Use a calendar, schedule an alarm, keep notes in your notes app or Google Docs. I just found a habit tracker in the App Store! Check it out:  Habit Tracker.   Measurement is not meant to highlight your negatives, it's a means to quantify your consistency, help you identify your weak areas so you can make some sustainable changes. Don't let "the numbers" or any setbacks discourage you.  Push through, one thing at a time!

4Consistently Keep Your Faith!  When you need some encouragement in walking in your faith, read Proverbs 3: 5-6, Psalms 37:4 and James 2:26.  You have to trust in the Lord with all your plans.  Always. Always.  When you are unsure of what His plans are for you, keep preparing yourself to be consistent.  Until those plans are revealed, you have to build your capacity to receive the blessings that belong to you.  But also remember that the Lord will give you what you desire when you have faith! Lastly, faith without works is dead. Your work toward being consistent has no life if you have no faith in God.  Faith also keeps you grounded and rooted no matter the circumstance.  Consistently allow God to work with and for you and vice versa - consistently work with and for God. It's already done!!!!!!

Building and sustaining better habits are the two most important factors in our personal growth. We all should strive to continuously develop into healthy, well- adjusted, spiritually sound, and intentional people to fulfill our purposes and dreams.  Better habits are supported by consistency, and consistency is supported by being honest with ourselves coupled with having a mindset that empowers us to be intentional, regularly. I hope these tips help or at least get you thinking about how to make positive changes in your actions and attitudes.

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  1. I enjoyed reading how to walk into 2020 with consistency. Especially, the part where you talked about moving with purpose and intention.

    1. Thank you! Purpose and intention are the deal closers!

  2. Great post on consistency. Having measurable goals and structure are key for sure!

  3. I would love to know how you keep track and how often you measure your goals!


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